Sarah Tapscott

Glaswegian dollars

Stray pornography pinks the moon;
Prostituting night skies -
A discreet purchase
Turns blood to purple honey.

An adulterous heterosexual,
Defined by marital regime,
Inserts his needle
And spills
Coarse liquor
Between desperate legs
After satisfying corresponding veins.

She hopes maybe he can see
Through the haze for one moment
As their eyes lock;
But the spaced appendage,
His mouth, open slightly
Can only issue a diplomatic lager laugh,
Revealing oversized, tarred
Bottom teeth
Wedged in rotten gums.

And soon she too floats
On thick, chemical exhilaration
As her sexual receipt hums
Below the surface of transparent skin
And reality leaks
From stuffed pores…



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