Sam Newton

Push a Pen

Sliding jaws entice us
To decadence; delight
Flooding gluttonous tonsils.
Fresh fruit. Cheap, easy, ripe
For the picking. But

Reductions; satisfaction
At its minimum price.
With keen eye and precision,
Stalk vivid tracks and signs.
That with intrigue and illumine
Serve to catch my eye.

Extend an arm too easy!
With cloudless mind
(Though empty heart)
I resign to simplicity  
And Push a cart.
Push a cart.

Chalking on the blackboard
You plus three is four,
Shapes tessellate,
Sit cross-legged; uniform.
Dream to be an astronaut,
Education has been bought

And paid for. No end of doors
Opened before a child just like you.
Opportunity, employability
Choose a gate but close it to.
Snap the latch, throw away the key.
Within a field roaming free.

Trace a trail too easy.
A well-fed mind
(Though thought divorced)
I resign to complacency
And push a course.
Push a course.

Monitor your monitor
Glazed square eyes –
Mirrors to mirrors
Pass the buck; your blame lies
Elsewhere. Enter PIN graze on greens
Bitter taste of ends and means

That though you chew and spit,
Teeth grit, you sit as the rain pours
Docile – just for a while,
We understand. Scrape, save and store
Unsure what for - perhaps insure
Hazy dreams of distant shores. But

The money all too easy.
No wants, nor needs,
(A consumerist Zen)
I resign to this amenity
And push a pen
Push a pen.



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