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Matthew Cheeseman

Notes from the Alliteration Conference

Alliteration is twice as common in proverbs than it is in idioms. barking dogs seldom bite "The path of some kind of Hegelian pendulum." exasperated huge man, academic speaker, large man shabby coated. For the last 12 years I’ve played fifth man in a quiz team called ‘The Golden Dogs’.
narrow and defined form cut your coat according to the cloth. "Women keep things going." applause for singing scholars Adoptions and adaptations of the carnival.
the poetry of the nomadic pastoralists. throat yells from their greedy yelling throats they yelled "Preferably I would call it internal assonance." one word nodding answers Would it be different, in any way, if I were not here?
retroflex voice plosive            the toothy mouth  "I know this, of course, save your comments for lunchtime."   Sing-song monotone academic talking foreign english ‘bout poetry and thunder gods  Fever last night – shaking and awake at 4.30am.
variable parallelism     goose cries     "You know a poetry back to the nineteenth century."  I like his spotty shirts, waistcoat, spotty shirt – keys on his belt, dangly half-moons    I was a little bit interested in that.
complementary syllable         many shabby-coated women, many shabby-coated men on the everywhere "More than just pre-theoretically, a text with lines is verse."    21 poets. The 21 poets. The sound of the projector.   There comes the walrus.
NB! Alliteration of the complementary syllable            world of heroine that is turning like a hoop, you are riding away on your moon-coloured holy horse you ride around the round world that is turning like a hoop “Consider, for example, Vietnamese so-called sharp tones, so-called even-tones.” eyes brushing, edge of sleep, eyes closing, unfocused.    I’ll break you into various text blocks!
Very old device in Latin and Sumerian. One and two in Finnish.         For his dogs braided golden leashes. And for his steeds mares smoothed.   "The disconnect, we suggest, we propose, the metre only sees the stressed syllables, in Beowulf. Alliteration: the basis of patterning."  laser point-eye
the grammar gives you the clue          the feather-dressed whirred "Thus, without this hammer, there is no thunder, no lightning, no rain."   Who is the red-faced man? Smart shoes, leather shoes, red handkerchief, yawning in the corner.
pitter-patter: are there vowel sequences?       more keenly bite, bite broader “What is not so obligatory.”   his neck looks scarred, the flesh looks rough
systematic parallelism      
a bird is flying above all, a sound linked to linear temporal a totally different modality  "Giants Loki nominative genitive case: how fare the Gods? How fare the elves?"    aggression no questions
metre-and-parallelism co-exist         sewing silk, beating bread, quite a nice moment to be alive  “Interestingly, we have nothing to do here with elves.”    Short cute, bowing Japanese expert on sign language, how did this happen?
numerous onomatopoeia         “There is an interplay, a boundless text.”    Michiko – iron back straight, eyes blinking – it’s difficulty that distinguishes them – performed two segments, rubber baby buggy bumpers
grammatic agreement of different verbs            “Semantic field [sounds, noise]: err, err, err, err, err, err, err.”  Something obscene, reticent determination, performance – obscenity by mistakes
Semantic Field [sounds, noise]        “Reflect the chief movement of the plot, the goal of the gods, the grammatic goal, a magic means, aesthetic, obviously.”     bring out: “he fucked me”, big guffaw, blue suited man, red face – silence elsewhere.
When the st started to alliterate with sl and sn        “What I’d like to do is tell you my research for Icelandic poetry in 1100 years.”    The crowd are warming up.
Epenthetic          “I think this is all I have to explain at the beginning.”  mutter projector mutter
In between s and            “This is the research – always in the third.” this presumption of potential, that element of conscious showmanship
Some poets alliteral – it goes with the 16th Century. “For some reason he used sk much more after – no explanation. Poetry, please, perhaps.”
But you don’t need metrical theory to be regular. “That’s not surprising. We have very few words beginning with sp.”
counting syllable/syllable counting “I have no explanation – he was a priest.”
body shift, things. “This is not a coincidence, this is a change in attitude, to poetry. They’re clever.”
The ultimate form of aesthetic signing. “But what explains this here, I have no idea.”
Devices like symmetry
“folk poetry”, “folk poetry”, “folk poetry”
The questions is: can we apply the terminology? “Still taboo for a hearing person.”
A locking in place of the muscular apparatus. “A higher notion than amusement.”
At some level there is a variable meaning “It offers the ability to barnstorm.”

Matthew Cheeseman is doing a PhD in Folklore at NATCECT. These are all the notes he made at a conference last year. They are unedited, and in the order they were taken, but distributed into 5 categories








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