Blood Diamond

It would be kind 

if they would fall




into my outstretched palm


so with each rebound

I could marvel

at a million refracted rainbows

caterwauling colours

contorting in mid-air 

Until I grasp one

between thumb and forefinger

and hold it up to the light.


Instead they swarm

my splayed fingers 

clamouring against the tide

An indefatigable frenzy

pouring into my lap

down my neck

around my ankles.


their jagged edges

plough furrows 

through the back of each hand

my blood caking 

their ephemeral beauty


It must be sickening for you to watch.


I try to pluck an apology

from parted lips

But the words congeal in my throat


I could collect the drops

if that would help?

connect each tiny globule

painstakingly prised


I would put them in a petri dish

they would post far better than flowers

sliding in a card

professing my sincerest


It would stand sentinel

in your doorway

a reminder of your loss.


the empty sockets

of your wedding ring

Stare back at you

unblinking eyes

where hazel ones

once slept.


There’s not much

I can say to you.

the furrows in my hands

leave silken scars

gems piled high

in my lap


I can smile.

Would you like a smile?

a tentative spasm

that searches for scabs

in your open wounds

Anna Goodman