How to find your way in the dark

It was so soon after I arrived in the city The venue’s scent an orange light Rock dispersed by amps Posters of faces, a cymbalheart topology, waves of thudding ink Everyone knowing the same words differently And it was winter, the sky light, cut, thin What I should have brought I didn’t, my hands volcanoes Finding it hard to breathe, harder to write, impossible to dream The challenges seemed To toughen with the callouses And the chords weren’t dissonant Just perishing At this stage I didn’t know you at all Like everyone The smoking area sky clear like the back of a hand Scattered dumpsters a frog song tableau The night’s spilt drinks Half-drawn stars and glowing But we were still speaking when the light faded to ruby When it highlighted the world in green Do you remember the moth that landed on your cheek? You were telling the difference Between RAM and ROM The space that motherboards leave For time As vacant as dawn In a different city Busy and lost Finding out, again and again, the parity Of cig ends And the burning burning Moon

Joe Vaughan