looking out over

off out staring over the roads by the way i was staring out off into the distance, looking pushed up against the laundry so cold that it felt wet even when rubbed close up into the face & i try every time to remember that just because it’s purple it doesn’t mean it smells like lavender sit awhile in the garden by the ivy on the breaking wall and wonder what it breathes in twilight thrown back against the smooth linoleum smearing cooling droplets together against my skin sticking with hot wet water my whole world in a giggly blur and twilight sitting down gathering in orange cold, cold, gathering up skirts and garters—lace is a half baked dream to me, he's broken soaring somewhere else in twilight and yet my hands looping back around at me looping and wait looping standing in the kitchen dark, sailor legged and lonely just the way i like

Harper S