Ripple effect

Now the leaves that line the edges of the lake are curling brown and falling hair from cancer scalps solitary dog walkers with downcast heads concentrating faces caught and found inside thinking submerged ducks with tails pointing skywards despite those icy depths that gloat like hindsight this acoustic silence throws laughter across in bridges makes writing a solitude of white pages leaking in the weak yawn of stretching sunshine makes these black lines unintelligible without stillness and odourless damp air now, I come to remember and to lose thoughts among fading colour this indifference of yellow and brown, falling and fallen now, there are ripples in other lakes that recall and reminisce as numerous and hidden as the life inside this movement other memories pooling outwards in rings and intersection flowing always outwards, moving only forwards now, other bodies can sit and smile into new eyes, seeing

Anastasia Van Spyk