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Agnes Lehoczky

Ben Dorey

Vera Fibisan

Thom Flint

Joshua Lingard

Catriona McLean

Colombine Neal



Ryan Bramley, Barnsley Sonnets

Caroline Butler,  On Selling Up the Family Home, The Exorcist, Which One Am I?

Tamsin Connor, Albert, Cross Collar Choke, 350 on 5th, Phonebox

Lindsey Coombs, The Primary Colours

Beth Davyson:
Doctors, April, Person

Jenny Donnison,
Sarcophagus of the Spouses, Etruscan, sixth-century BC, The Beekeepers, Pantheon, Chinese Diagnostic Doll

Benjamin Dorey,

Alex Drobniewski, Seven Hills, Altars

Laura Fensterheim, Helen, Salvaging, Patchwork

Veronica Fibisan, Beliş Church, Pond Skaters, Shoreline

Samantha Fielding, Exercise in Berlin, 2012

Thom Flint,
The Morning’s Longer, Thick Breath’d Morning, I Think I Could Be Happy There

Harry Ellis Grewal, Havana

Isabelle Grimshaw, A crooked smile to keep, Something faded red

Lewis Haubus, Sound of Departure, Krampfer Jumpers, Service Records, To Sound

Gary Hughes, Janus, medea

Joshua Lingard, Planetarium, What They Didn’t Know

Alexander Marsh, Lilith

Catriona McLean, Curiosity, The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene, Ma Mère L’Oie and One Brother Grimm, Fidelity of the Albatross

Rosanna Milburn, Phases

Helen Monks, Kept in Cupboards

Helen Mort, Decorator, Slack Hill

Colombine Neal, Le Clauzel, My First Mourning, Papa

Emily Reed, Relic

Karl Riordan, Segs, Joey

Lucy Smith, Drought

Shirin Teifouri, Nomadic Kitchens, A Map in Sheffield

James Throup, Driver

Daniel Turner, The Old Men, graveside, Photon

Jessi Walton, Let's Talk About the Weather