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Matt Cheeseman

Andrew Tildesley

Sabina Wantoch



Special Guest: Memoir
Tom Stoker, My Brain Tumour and Me

Interview with...
interviewed by Sophie Hawker, Sophie Chad, Stephanie Tew & Sophie Tuhey

Non-Fiction Prose

Thibault Blancot,
One Step Forward

Anne Breckner, Realist or Pessimist?

Nicholas Cadet,
Fuck it, 40%’; Untitled

Matthew Cheeseman,
The Heart, The Centre

Christophe Delgard, Again?’; Obstacles to the Dream

Ana Garcia Jara, Looking for a job

Britta Gerards,
One Party, Two Nights Out

Verena Kroepfl,
Finally Freedom?

Alexis Machine,

Jesus Martinez, Untitled’; Logbook of a condom

Chika Mukai, The Line; Obsession; A feeling of frustration

Haley Norton, Uncontrollable Trend

Ai Nozaki,
A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Zoe Powell,

Amber Regis,
Big Dog

Elisabeth Sanchez Adame, First Impressions

Sonja Schneiderbanger, Catching up with an old friend’; Time to wake up...; The change of seasons

Rebeca Sebastia,

Rebecca Solomon, You’re not allowed to play with trumpets

Shirin Teifouri,
Harold Pinter and Dr M.

Andrew Tildesley, Jimmy Savile was a paedophile

Iiris Valtonen, Rite of Passage

Sabina Wantoch,
Riot Piece

Michael Zaterini, Hi, my name is Wael