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Agnes Lehoczky

Gary Hughes

Faye Lipson

Sam Rae

Veronica Fibisan

Jenny Donnison

Lewis Haubus

Karl Riordan





Special feature: Wordwards, edited by Adam Piette and Agnes Lehoczky, part of PlastiCities project ['Psyche and the City']

An online edition of Ebenezer Elliott's poems featuring Sheffield and Environs, edited by Agnes Lehoczky and Adam Piette, with a preface by Alan Halsey


Alexandra Bayles, Expurgation

Jack Browne, Wet Pavement


Mary L. Carr, Perfect Timing; Mangoes


Sarah Crewe
, winona in pink;


bad news girl on northern rail;

in crayon

Greer Dewdney
, God's Own Country

Jenny Donnison
, Lyme Regis; Rena

Charlotte Elmore
, Blind Faith;

Just Listen; Christmas

Veronica Fibisan,

 Abigail Flint,
Wild Game


Lewis Haubus
, Sirens 1 & 2; Threads;

Leaves Or Breath

 Gary J Hughes
, Bear Fails; poziomki;

Alveolar Trill

Maria Kardel
, Road Rage

Emily Langton
, Half Bound

Faye Lipson, Portrait

Andrew Myers
, Ennui; Connecting

Hannah O’Brien
, The Green Man;

Velcro; Blank; The Voice of Self

Checkout no 10

Sam Rae
, dry spell

Karl Riordan
, Finsbury Park;

When Summer Came; Setting Fire

Carol Robson
, Who Am I?

Jessica Shore
, Stockport Connection

Sherrie Talgeri
, pushing the envelope

Daniel Turner
, Sleeping Swimmers

Kathryn Waters
, mourning and missed