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Maria Kardel
Chris Goding
Ian Hartnell
Jo Hateley
Gary Hughes
Harry Jelley
Dan Turner




Melissa Chew, old house the second

Beth Davyson, Stories + the text message

Mark Doyle, Two Pastorals

Doug Dunn,
Women's Auxiliary Service + Night Walk

Chris Goding,
 Avignon + Book hunting + Paul Muldoon

Jenny Donnison, Meadow + Haeckel

Danielle French, Women I Am Not

Mary Going, This Tornado

Kitty Hardy, Guilty Pleasures

Ian Hartnell,
 The Ruins of Knossos + My Grandfather

Jo Hateley, Blazon + In the Dust

Loretta Hawtin,
 Second-Hand Words + All Girls School

Gary Hughes, Follow the Bear

Harry Jelley,
 Pony Heads +
Apple + Blue Cloud Balloon

Rose Lock,
You, Golden Apple + A few haikus from 2011

Rebecca Lodo, "Do not touch"

Jack Mann,
 "the tortoise comes tomorrow"
  + An Elegy to Plug

Sam Rae, It's good things are the way they are

Erin Snyder, Boston Harbor + Open Guitar

Ken Stannard, Mrs Heracles Goes Shopping

Tom Stoker, The Daddy Long Legs and Me!

Ben Taylor, Furrowed Brow

Dan Turner,
 That House + All Weather Cyclist
  + Poor Little Peter

Samuel Valdes Lopez,
  Orange or brown
   (Kate, your awful perfume saved us)

Ellie Waters, Blame + Superstition

Mark Yoxon, Cinema + This proposes 'spring'