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Maria Kardel            

Nicola Rodgers            

Claire Porthouse            

Anthony Adler            

Alicia Clow            

Mark Doyle            

Amy Poulton 
Adam Piette (staff editor)



Abby Brown: Backbiting

Samuel Anthony Cooke: The Street-Dweller

Jenny Donnison: Five poems

Mark Doyle: Night Walk
                    Daytime, Upper Booth

Caroline Foster: Innocent Curiosities

Chris Goding: The Surfaces of Io
                       Lord Muck

Ian Hartnell: Four Images
                    Sunday of the Passions

Johanna Hateley:
            After a Reading by Simon Armitage
           First Night Without

Maria Kardel: Black Boxes
                      Yorkshire Winter

Maisie-May Lambert: Talking to Friends
                                  Forced Identity

Samuel Valdes Lopez: Dead Reckoning

Amy Poulton: A Handbag

Tanika Stewart: River Spirit

Laura Webb: Masonry