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Adam Piette

Neil Roberts

Joe Kriss

Hannah Lavery

Ben Wilkinson

Alexis Artaud de la Ferriere


2006 IALS
Ian McKillop Sonnet Prize Winners

Alasdair Menmuir - Metro Link

Amy Palmer - Living with the Enemy and Autumn

Anna Dougherty - Grass is Greener :: Your Descent :: Reform and Cold Night

Charlotte Crane - The Circus

Gavin Thomas -sonnet zero

Hannah Harper - Seminar

James Byrom - Beach Combing and Understanding the Circle

James Griffiths - Nicotine Patches - 15mg a day

Katy Tucker - the train station carnation :: the fear

Kayombo Chingonyi - Invite

Laurence Peacock - The Pianist and her Hands

Lucinda Chell-Munks - Villanelle

Lucy Rowe - The Waiting Room

Mark Scott - From the Corner of Every Street

Maryam Farahani - Multi-Lingo-Cultural-Problematic

Matt Ireland - On

Matthew Bell - Youth

Sarah Tapscott - Defiance and Clay Bear


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