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Adam Piette

Neil Roberts

Joe Kriss

Hannah Lavery

Ben Wilkinson

Alexis Artaud de la Ferriere


Guest Poet, Peter Sansom, July Football and Sheffield by Night

Alumni Poet, Andrew Bailey, Eel

Alumni Poet, Claire Lockwood, Genuflect and It ain't never Coming Back

Alumni Poet, Cliff Ashcroft, White House

Alumni Poet, Ann Sansom, Gathering Sea-Coalwith Johnny Buckle and It's a hundred and six miles to Chicago

Alumni Poet, Eleanor Rees, Night Vision and Sky God Thunder; Night River

Alex Davis, Guessing Games and This is Something

Alia'a Kawalit, Fumes or Fish and Estimation

Alison Gibbons, You Come Back

Ben Beaumont-Thomas, Golden Gate Bridge

Charlotte Luxford, Forgotten

Corinne Salisbury, Drink and Homing

David Turton, Blasphemous Revelations from a Grassy Hillock

Erin Thomas, To Slip into a Dream Where You Cannot Fade

Joe Kriss, Looking Ahead and Cityscape

Katrina Dixon, Toilette

Katy Tucker, Alice? Alice!

Kayombo Chingonyi, Invite

Laurence Peacock, For Another, You Viewed the World Wide-Eyed and Impressionism

Lucinda Chell-Munks, Because and Snow Haiku

Mel Lampro, Assassin and Scorpion

Nicole Sanders, Anna and the Earth

Paul Hurt, Death and a Salesman

Ruth Hanrahan, Poem no. 1

Sarah Glover, Haiku

Tom Sinclair, London, Girl and Spider's Advice to an Adventurous Granchild

Maryam Farahani, Far Beyond